Monday, June 9, 2008

Shadowrun Campaign

Rick Deckard: Time Cop

Where to begin. I needed money so I found out about a job so I went to the bar where this mexican guy, he looked mexican anyways, was said to be and I showed up early. Sat down at the bar and asked the bar for a gin and tonic and to keep it coming. I usually drink whisky but by the looks of the place the whisky would be that sour mash crap and I only like scotch. So I decided pinesol was a better idea. Boy was I wrong. I would have switched to something else but the vodka was brown.
Around 430 I told the bartender that I was looking for a job and he said to go downstairs. That is where I met up with this guy. He was pretty odd, although I am pretty odd myself.
Late 40s, a ratty old fedora tipped low across my grey eyes, my beard is about a week times three worth of growth completely grey I grow it out to hide the scar from a night long ago. . .dark brown floor length jacket, you can just see a hint of a bulge underneath my right arm. I lost my ankle holster and my snub nose a few months back. Got mugged by a bunch of rascals, they took my hold out but not before i took off a guys ear and clipped a guy in the shoulder with a nice sized round from my big piece i kept holstered on my back. Sort of goes back to the old .357 magnum days. I lost that going through customs. Thank god I had a whole lot of nuyen too otherwise I wouldn't be writing in this piece of crap. Which comes back to why I am here to begin with. I ain't no glitterboy I need cash.
So this tribal looking mexican is telling these guys we are with about how we need to take this package to the group across town and it needs to be there by 7 and then this crazy girl next to me starts mumbling about rats, freaked me out thats for sure there is definitely a screw loose there. Dude says we can use his van if we want so we all climb in and zoom off at the 45 km/h the van could go.
We come to the first pass to get through and call up a guy who is supposed to get us across the border. He tells us he is going to drive which was fine by me. All I need is my money. So while traveling through these tunnels the dude stops and gets out and looks around. I think he was doing it just to scare us but he could of been on the level. The other guy in the car definitely was. Could tell he knew his way around. Nothing I couldn't handle but I wouldn't want to if I could avoid it.
So we get to the other side same deal, whatever you know, but then we get caught up in traffic. We got like an hour to go and we get traffic? I mean I this ain't neo-Tokyo or anything what is up with all the traffic?! What is even worse is we got these two gangs, one an incredibly ugly looking trog, the other a pretty fragged up looking chinese guy. Well both these mugs start demanding us to give them whatever it is we are transporting and so I ask how much and they both say the same thing! So I tell them to start bidding and then they start shooting each other! So it is sort of this "aww hell" moment and I pull out my gun switch on my tweaks and the buddy next to me stops me and points out the rather astute observation that they weren't shooting at us! So we all sit there and wait and my buddy guns it as soon as the traffic opens. Well all of a sudden that ugly chinese dude starts running after us and opens the back door of the van so I figure hey if he wants some he can come get some so I toss a flash bang out the back. Dude gets knocked dead with it lucky for us there were only a few mild effects. He goes running off while we jet around the corner on two fraggin wheels! I gotta say, my buddy is a great driver.
So we show up at this dudes house, I figured it would of been an office building for sure, but whatever. So we go in this dudes house and he acts all menacing shooting at this elf, but come on the house was huge! And you know a huge house like that has to have a bowling alley in it somewhere and I figure a guy with a bowling alley can't be that bad and anyways, he is paying us.

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Do all of your entries have one dig because you have dug said entry?

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