Sunday, July 6, 2008

shadowrun journal 2: better luck next time

Addendum to Official Medical Examiner's Report
M.E.: Dr. Dana Scully

Tonight two bodies were brought into the morgue. Both were involved in a shooting in Platte Park. I was asked to do two autopsies on the bodies because of the strange nature of the deaths.

The first body died of rather easily determined causes. Two bullets to the chest, the first one entered and exited through the right shoulder and the second struck through the center of the torso passing through the ascending aorta. The first shot would have killed the man because of the blood loss caused by the exit wound, however the second shot killed him instantly. Both bullets were recovered from the crime scene and were determined to belong to the second man's revolver.

The second man is the interesting case. He has two contusions on his chest consistent with the bullets found embedded in his armor. He has lacerations on the arms and hands consistent with claw marks from a large dog or wolf. He has also been disemboweled by one or several large dogs or wolves. It is clear that the man was still alive when this began. Not all of him was found at the crime scene so it is to be assumed that he was partially eaten by the animal or animals that attacked him.

Second degree burns were also found on the man's face and cannot be easily explained. There was a burning tree reported at the crime scene by the first responding officers which could be the cause of the man's burns.

The second man also had the first man's blood covering his hands and face. It seems that after first man was shot and killed the second man began to paint himself with the dead man's blood and then was attacked by a pack of dogs. This is consistent with signs of struggle at the crime scene. If this wasn't strange enough, rat fur was found matted to both men's clothing as well as covering the ground around them. It is as if a giant swarm of rats ran through the area. It is recommended that a full investigation be undertaken to understand what happened here. I believe that both death's were criminal acts.

CSI confirms that there were at least 8 people present for the first man's death. The first man was a gang member of a local gang and has been identified by a police officer who has had several runins with the man. The second man was identified as Rick Deckard through his SIN and was a retired special forces operative. CSI has determined that Deckard took on at least 6 armed gang members without so much as a scratch but was then attacked by at least 3 large dog like animals. From the extracted recordings held in Deckard's memory card it is apparent that he has been dealing with psychological issues for some time now and has been slipping deeper and deeper into a psychosis. Perhaps he manifested these demons himself.

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